Alongside writing his own material and studio sessions,

The DreZone is also a Live session musician -
An endeavour which has allowed him the opportunity to play with various artistes over time, in a wide variety of line-ups.

In particular,
being an Award-winning Drummer,
taking home the accolade for Best Drummer in an Unsigned band (Surface Unsigned),
once led to both a personal invitation to meet with Peter Stringfellow and ultimately perform with Eric Idle for HRH Prince Of Wales on the same bill with such Luminaries including Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Rowan Atkinson and John Cleese.

To demonstrate the wide-range dynamic,
The DreZone has played Drums and Darabuka for an Eastern European outfit,
Drums and Keys in a Funk/Rock band
and has performed as a Bass Player AND Keyboard player for various artistes in the realms Funk, Soul and Pop, as a session musician and a Musical Director.
He also had a brief stint as Lead Singer for veteran Acid Jazz band PUSH as an understudy for Angelo Starr.

The DreZone is also a behind the scenes tech,
providing services to the likes of Ida Nielsen and Paul Peterson,
who were also musically involved with legendary artist Prince.

The DreZone regularly performs, primarily as a Singer and Percussionist,
as part of the in-house band for various venues owned by the Columbo Group in London.
He continues to play Drums with a Jazz/Boogie Woogie Piano Trio and is working with various Events companies in the United Kingdom in various roles.